Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maldives Itinerary and Budget

Glitch Plane ticket P 101.00
Manila to Kuala Lumpur to Male (RT) 

February 19 (Wed)
Taxi to Airport P 130
Airport Tax P1620
Terminal Fee P550
MNL-KL ETD: 06:45am ETA: 10:25pm
Lunch at Food Garden KL LCCT: RM 3.5 (Tofu with Rice) RM 1.6 (Coke) = RM 5.1 (P 71.4)
Airport to City: RM8 (P112)
Le Village Guesthouse: RM 10 (P140)
KL Walking Tour
(Sri Mahamariamman, Temple, Railway Station, Merdeka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Bldg., Parliament House, Masjid Jamek and Petronas Tower)
Water/ Slurpee/ Coke RM 7.5 (P 105)
LRT from Masjid Jamek to Petronas Tower RM 1.6 (P 22.4)
Dinner Sweet and Sour with Rice RM 5 (P 70)
LRT from Petronas Tower to Pasar Seni RM 1.6 (P 22.4)
Socials Beer RM 30/6 = RM 5 (P 70)
Keychain RM 5 x 2= RM 10 (P 140)
Shot glass RM 5 (P 70)
Bell RM 5 (P 70)
DAY 1 TOTAL: P 3,193.2

February 20 (Thu)
7am to Airport RM 12(P 168)  
Breakfast Nasi Lemak RM 4.5 (P 63)
KL-MLE ETD 11:20am ETA 12:25pm
Lunch c/0 Air Asia
Ferry to Male/ 
Taxi to VILLINGILI FERRY TERMINAL/ Ferry to Maafushi Island  MVR 38 (P 114)
Check in PICNIC INN x 2 nights $ 91 (P4095)
Dinner: c/o Picnic Inn
Beer $ 8 (P 360)
DAY 2 TOTAL: P 4,800

February 21 (Fri)
Breakfast: c/o Picnic Inn
Island Hopping: $ 25 (P 1125)
Lunch: c/o Island Tour
Dinner: c/o Baon
Ice Cream: MVR 15 (P 45)
Ref Magnet: MVR 15 x 2= MVR 30 (P 90)
Fries MVR 47 (P 141)
DAY 3 TOTAL: P 1,401

February 22 (Sat)
Breakfast: c/o Picnic Inn
Ferry to Male MVR 30 (P 90)
Ferry to Vilin Gili MVR 3.25 (P 9.75)
Lunch c/o Baon
Ferry to Male MVR 3.25 (P 9.75)
Truck to Luckyhiya Hotel MVR 40/ 6= MVR 7 (P 21)
Luckyhiya Hotel $ 43 (P1935)
Ferry to Hulhumale MVR 5.5 (P 16.5)
Dinner Nasi Goreng MVR 61.3 (P183.9)
Ferry to Male MVR 5.5 (P 16.5)
Souveniers $ 40 (P 1800)
DAY 4 TOTAL: P 4,082.4

February 23 (Sun)
Breakfast c/o Luckyhiya Hotel
Ferry to Airport MVR 10 (P 30)
Maldives Sarong $ 10 (P 450)
Burger King $ 11 (P 495)
MLE-KL ETD 13:40 (1:40pm) ETA 21:00 (9pm)
Dinner 2 pcs KFC chicken with rice and coleslaw c/o Ian
Stay at the Airport
DAY 5 TOTAL: P 975

February 24 (Mon)
KL-MLA  ETD 11:20am ETA 3:00pm
Breakfast Spicy Beef with Rice RM 7.5 (P105)
Taxi to Makati P 150
DAY 6 TOTAL: P 255

TOTAL BUDGET: P 14,807.6 (USD 330)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In Maldives: Our trip to Paradise

Maldives was never on my bucket list. Why? I know plane ticket cost way so high that I can't afford to get one and accomodation cost 3-4 digit numbers in USD a night. So its a no-no for me. Then came the day when an error puts a smile to a lot of budget travellers like me. I was able to book a roundtrip ticket from Manila to Kuala Lumpur to Male for only 101 Pesos. Yes, its true. I can't believe myself.

Our Maldives escapade started at Kuala Lumpur. It is my 3rd trip in KL and my first time to travel with Ian, Donna and Ren. From Chinatown we walk to Merdeka Square then to Petronas Tower. Then call it a night after a glass of beer.

I never believe in my plane ticket until I got my boarding pass to Male. Then off we go...

Few minutes before landing in Maldives you'll see from the window view an awesome trip awaits you.

After passing the Immigration, we aboard the ferry to Male City. It is just a short ride. The water is so clear I can swim into that.

From Male Port to Vilingili Port we ride a cab but we make sure we only pay MYR 25 or else we die. He! he! Oh if you have luggage they charge you extra.

There is a scheduled trip going to Maafushi Island. We took the 3 pm ferry. If you have a water container, there is a refilling station in the waiting area and its free.

Ferry ride takes about more than an hour. We passed by another island then to Maafushi Island. The view is awesome. You'll see the resorts with water cottages and beach with a very white sand. While in the ferry we played card games with money involved. Take note gambling here is illegal. We thought that the locals didn't understand our games and so they just watch us as we are having fun.

When we arrived at Maafushi Island, locals with placards of resorts name awaits us. We spotted the one carrying the Picnic Inn sign. From the port, there are carriage where you can put the bags going to the resort. I never remembered if we paid for this.

We were directed not at Picnic Inn but in Water Breeze Resort. Well, the place is cozy and they said its part of Picnic Inn.

After we settled to our room and we are ready to go, we went to the beach and waited for the sunset. Some took a dip and some started their photo ops. Sunset is great at the port side of the Island.

Then its dinner time. We had a buffet courtesy of the resort. The table was set at the beach. The moon is a bit shy so we rely on the candle to see what we eat.

Me, Ian and Kris took a chance to look for something we can do after dinner. Our feet took us to a boat which caters so expensive beer. A bottle cost 8 dollars!!! Anyway we had a great chill.

The next day, i mean after few hours of sleep, i woke up and headed to the beach to see the sunrise. I missed the peeking of the sun but it didn't disapoint me how awesome sunrise is.

After photo ops and tour around the area, we went back at the resort for our breakfast.

Since the other team stayed at Arena Lodge and they found a great deal for island hopping, we bolt in to lessen our expenses.

Our trip to Picnic Island was great. I enjoyed the beach and the reef. Though we didn't dive we had a chance to spot a Manta Ray. No need to spend 50 USD for it. Lucky us.

At the other side of the beach is also an amazing view. The water is so clear and the sand is so white.

Who says three's a crowd?

From Picnic Inn to Sexy Beach. Another awesome island. Great for photo ops and perfect to be sexy.

The next day, we went back to Male City. The 730 am ferry is loaded with locals and tourist so don't be late.

We were early and we got a good spot.

Passing by the water cottages.

From Male City to Vilin Gili. Its another ferry ride. There are 3 beaches in the island. Its very easy to go around as the place is just small. You can also rent a bike to go around. Some tried a restaurant for lunch. Of course with a wifi. We have NO WIFI NO DINE policy. hehe. Me, Jen and Kris went straight to the beach area trying to save dineros. We have canned food.

Past lunch when we went back to Male City to check in at the hotel. From the port, we rented a truck going to the hotel.

After we settled our things, we went to Hulhumale. It is another island. In here we went around and look at the beach. The beach is inviting but since we didn't bring our swimwear we just drool in our minds. We went to IBerry Restaurant for Dinner. It took us more than an hour to wait for our food. We were so tired and so we headed back to Male City.

We went to see if the souvenier shops is still open. A man approaches us and told us that he has s souvenier store that sells cheaper price. We followed him. I got myself a Maldives Shirt, Shot glass, Bell and ref magnet. 40 USD was slashed in my pocket for souveniers.

Our last day. We went to see the artificial beach and tried to see more spots. The artificial beach is like a lagoon or a pool. No bikinis or even tank tops is not allowed. Locals just go here to beat the heat. There are Restaurants and playground around.

This is it. Maldives experience is over. Thanks to Air Asia for the glitch airfare. I will never afford to go to Maldives.

I should have been placed in here. Ian and Alvin is lucky enough to get this seat during the glitch booking.

Hope to see you again Maldives. There are lots of Islands to explore.

In Maldives: Male City

Male City is a short ferry trip away from the airport. The main island of Maldives. It's a small island that you can easily walk around the area.

This is the artificial beach. It has a fine white sand too. No bikinis or tank tops allowed in here. There are restaurants and playgrounds around.

Another area is for surfing. The waves is not that good but possible to surf.

In Maldives: Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island is a short ferry ride from Male City. A ride cost MVR 5.5 per way. The island is clean and its cooler with a lot of greeneries. You will find pine trees along the road. There are buses that goes around the island but we didn't take the bus instead we decided to walk.

Everything seems new in here. We thought this place was washed out then they rebuild this. But i think this is an man made island. Not really sure about it.

It has a long stretch of beach. We are that lazy not to walk at the beach. We took photos and go look for something to eat.