Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nabangga si Shrek :(

It's one of those days when you just want to give a child a weekend happiness. I have promised my niece, Lia, that we will be going to SM Mall of Asia after her school. I didn't know that she will be off earlier than i thought. We left the house past lunchtime. We went to Cartimar to buy some things for my doggies and look for a bike which is my birthday and christmas gift for Lia. I ended up buying the Japan bike which cost almost the same as those bikes in Quiapo. Lia was so excited to ride her bike in MOA that she don't want to take the free voucher (sleigh ride) given by her Tita Jen. After the bike was assembled, Lia tried her bike going to parking area. The bike is big and heavy. Thanks to the parking attendant, he helped me putting the bike inside the car. It was almost 4 pm and so we headed our way to MOA. From Cartimar, i took Leveriza Street to Libertad then F.B. Harrisons going out to EDSA. As i turned right there is a jeepney blocking the 1st and 2nd lane (from the side street) and so drive thru the 3rd lane and from there going straight to MOA. In front of Heritage Hotel at the U-turn slot, cars are driving their way going to North way of Roxas Boulevard. 2 cars have passed in front of me then this INNOVA was trying to get in front of me. When he realized that he can't get through because he will be missing the Roxas Boulevard, he pulled backwards and at his right turn he bumped into the left side of my car. And that's it! Boom! My first car accident!

Traffic enforcers are just around the corner and so we were approached easily. My first time, no idea how the process goes. I'm shaking plus worried of Lia. I didn't know who first to call. My brother (in Makati area) or my sister (working in MOA area). Who can go and help me?

As usual, I have my camera in my bag. The traffic enforcers took shot of the scene, the dent of my car and the scratch in the innova. We were moved to the side because we are causing traffic to EDSA. Then this man named JOHN NOBLEZA ZABALLERO was also asking how this process goes. The Traffic enforcers told us to talk about this and settle this issue on our own so that we can prevent going to the police station, waste of time and waste of money. Obviously its his fault and my car is hurt and so he have to do something about it. But all he can say is "pano ba?" "may sira din naman yung sasakyan ko e". My car has dent and his have scratch, you see the difference? I told him that if he didn't want to admit his fault then lets go to the police station. And so we did.

At the police station, the traffic enforcers still encourages us to settle this on our own. But this man now accussing me that I HAVE CHANGED LANE that is why he bumped at me. Now he is lying. Obviously, my car is in a straight position. From F.B. Harrisons I was already at the 3rd Lane going straight to MOA. A bus passed my way, I stopped. 2 cars passed my way, I gave them the way. Swerving? No! I never changed lane. And I don't change lane or swerve unless the vehicle in front of me is in full stop. My previous passengers can attest to that.

Then he also told the policeman that he is going to MOA. He is trying his way going to Roxas Boulevard. ANOTHER LIE! If he is going to MOA why is he trying his way to the right side of the road when he can go straight after he U-turned.

Another lie, he is at 10-15 kph speed. I don't think so. The dent in my car is obviously showing that he is in a hurry.

We pursued making a police report and we have a different statement. He is trying to say that I've changed lane. LOL! I told him I can't drive recklessly specially if I'm with a child passenger. We passed our papers, surrendered our driver's license, official receipt and Certificate of Registration. I honestly told the police officers that my CR is not in my car. They took a picture of the damage. It cost us P300 each for the picture. Then they asked for P 20 each for the xerox copy of our documents. SPO1 Murillo told us that our case will be pass on Monday since there is no office on weekends. And so I have to give an estimate for my car damage and his on Monday. As what SPO1 Murillo sees the accident was caused by the Innova driver. We have to wait for court hearing and then he told us that we can go.

BUT this driver, filed a complain against me. He said that I don't have my Certificate of Registration so I should be given penalty. Okay given na yun kuya! Then SPO1 Murillo asked our driver's license again. He told us, both of us\\you are accused of reckless driving and you ma'am for not bringing your certificate of registration. For both of you, based from Article .... you both are fined P2000 each for reckless driving and you ma'am P150 for the CR. Natawa naman ako! "Kuya P150 lang babayaran ko dagdag sa 2k each nating babayaran, magf-file ka pa ba???" At that time I told the officers that my dad is also a Policeman and I begged him "Sir please don't give us ticket?? Please??" (with a makulit begging face). The Innova driver realized that he can use the 2k as an addition to repairing my car's damage. Oh earlier, he was telling me that he only have P800 in his pocket and then later on he can only give 1k for my car's repair. Kuya, san ka dadalhin ng 1k mo???

And so, the story goes on..... will estimate my car's damage and get the police report on monday :((

I hoped he learns his lesson.... the hard way.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I first met her June 2008 during VT's Cagbalete Trip, a bold and loud person. We get along easily despite that i'm a quite-type of person.... Oh i hear some objections... LOL! Anyway I can go crazy with her and we love it. I've seen her journey (wink! Wink!) and our friendship was also tested (ehem!). Hate, Love, Hate, Love.... but still Love endures... Best Friend Forever <3 <3 <3

FULLNAME (optional): Em Kei
NICKNAME (optional): Mighty Kid
ADDRESS (just the city!): QC
BIRTHDAY (optional):
AGE: 30 kagandahan na kainitan pa years OWLD
SCHOOL: Philippine NOrmal University
COURSE: Bs. Psychlogy-Guidance and Counseling
COLOR: Blue, green, red
BAND: COllective SOul, Mr. BIg, STone Temple Pilots, Incubus
SONG: IKAW na kinanta mo chOZ uleyt ^^
MOVIE: 3 idiots
ACTOR: Virgo MOrtenssen, Amir Khan, Robert De Niro, Georgle Clooney
ACTRESS: Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron
FOOD: Pain au choco, Saint Agure, Compte, Figatelli, KANIN+Adobo
SPORT: climbing-sliding
ATHLETE: uhm.. isip pa
LIKES: honest
DISLIKES: dishonest
MOTTO: Everything in life is a battle. They just come in variety. There's sweet, soft, bitter, sour, sugar-free, low calorie etc
WHO IS YOUR FIRST CRUSH? Classmate nung kinder na nahuli ko nangungulangot tas dikona crush the next day
WHERE/ WHERE DID YOU MEET? ahhh.. sa palengke?
WHO IS YOUR FIRST LOVE? asawa ko-evarrrrh pak!
"what a shame not to climb these mountains"

Monday, December 10, 2012


Eat all you can buffet at P660, drinks are not included. Its a feast until your stomach is so full that you can't do anything more than to sleep.

Starting my first plate... this is all for grilling

Rhona and Wilma wth their first plate

and this is mine... yum! yum!

Kid eat all you can for P380 but I don't want to pay for this because my niece do not eat much. So we have brought a chicken meal from outside and she had fun grilling our food.

My second plate....

First to second plate... to third plate.... oh I don't remember anymore...

This is where "umay" mode sets in

Our very last food... that we tried finishing but failed to do so.


My last plate.... I'm so full....

To finish or not?

Halo-halo for the three of us.. but we can't finish it anymore!


Yakimix Restaurant has branches other than here at SM Mall of Asia. This is an buffet experience so worth it.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Makchang Korean Reataurant

I have been craving for Korean Barbeque for some time now. I missed this the last time that I went to Korea. But thanks for promo deals, I saw this at TCAT. Only P299 and its good for 2 pax.

Makchang Restaurant is previously located in Ortigas Area. Now they moved to Hobbies of Asia in Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City. I'm not really sure if this relocation is a good thing for them since there are more competition around the area that includes the Seaside Market.

Aside from the tables with grill and the long hose that sucks the smoke, They have this cute mini-Korean decors made of paper-mache.

This is the price list...

I Love lettuce!

Waiting to grill. Here are the condiments. Of course, Kimchi is part of the condiments.

 Starting with Pork Galbi...

then its done! Ready to eat!

Samkyupsal follows...

And usually the waiter is the one who does the grilling or maybe you can do it also. And wait until the meat is done.

It is really a feast. I don't think the deal is good for two. It's more than for us and so we ended up with a very, very big tummy. Yum! Yum!

See how satisfied I am. I still have another voucher to use then I'm thinking of getting more. Anyway, this is not a paid advertisement. I'm just satisfied with the service and the food :) 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

In KOREA: Ilsan Lake Park

Directions: MRT to Jeongbalsan Station (Line 3 Exit 1 or 2) Walk along Jungangro-1261 beon-gil Street or Jungangro-1275 beon-gil Street for 10min.