Saturday, November 10, 2012

In KOREA: Ilsan Lake Park

Directions: MRT to Jeongbalsan Station (Line 3 Exit 1 or 2) Walk along Jungangro-1261 beon-gil Street or Jungangro-1275 beon-gil Street for 10min.

In KOREA: Secret Garden

Secret Garden is part of the Changgyeonggung Palace. There is a scheduled guided tour. We joined the 230pm. Tour cost 5000 KRW (adults)
Directions: MRT to Ahngbok Station (Line 3 Exit 3)
Days/ Hours to tour: Half-day

Prime Minister of .... was there for tour.

Our tour guide

They are following us. LOL!

This tour is not that kind to kids and elderly as this is a very big place to explore.

In KOREA: Mount Seorak

Directions: to Sokcho from Seoul. From Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (take Subway Line 3 to Express Bus Terminal station) go to Sokcho. (Travel time: 4 hrs. First bus 06:30/ last 21:00 Bus Fare: 14,900 won. After exiting the bus terminal, cross the street in front of World Mart and take bus No. 7 or 7-1 (comes at every 10 min. intervals / travel time: 30 mins.) and get off at Sogongwon, the final destination. The cable car station is located straight ahead, about a 5-minute walk through the park. Bus fee 900 won.
Days/ Hours to tour: Whole Day

Ticket to Sokcho. This is my second attempt.

My Bus to Sokcho

Going to Bus Station, you'll see this statue which is besides the E-Mart


The Cable Car

From the cable care, just follow the steps going to one of the peaks. This is the most visited peaks since it is so easy to reach the top.

You see a lot of visitor going here. That's how easy it is

A view of another peak. That is where i'm heading next

One of the challenging thing going on solo trip is taking picture of yourself. So in here I have to run to this spot to have a good picture.

Another picture, but this time I have to ask for someone to shoot me.

and another picture with the flag. I asked a very nice lady I met. She is from Singapore.

They are the Chinese girls I met.

This is amazing. An open faucet in the air

These are bricks where they usually put their prayers or wishes...

Which way to go???

My version of stack rocks... I forgot what it is called.

I ate my sandwhich while resting besides a very cold stream

This is the peak I wanted to see

Sweating all out...

This is a very steep stairs. I almost got dizzy

A Korean solo climber very kind enough to take a picture of me :)

Last view of the peak

My late lunch a real meal

Ticket back to Seoul

Goodbye Mount Seorak.

Back in Seoul before 6pm