Saturday, December 7, 2013

Running in Costumes

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kagura Restaurant at Little Tokyo

JBoy Japanese Restaurant

Aling Nene BBQ Restaurant

It is one of the best Barbeque in the Philippines. They serve other filipino dishes mostly pork. Barbeque is served best with atchara and their special vinegar.  Located in Vito Cruz Extension cor South Super Highway.

Siquijor: Salagdoong Beach Resort

If in Siquijor, this is one place you should not miss. This is part of your tour around Siquijor or you can spend all day beach bumming and getting high with adrenaline rush by jumping off the cliff. 

It took me a while before I decided to conquer my fear. It looks easy but when you are already at the platform and see where you're going you would think twice or thrice.  For our group, I have to start it or else everyone will not jump. And so I did. For a few seconds,  my heart was on hold. My eyes are I think close. I felt I was so light until my body touches the water. And then WOW! I shouted out for victory. I love it and I want to jump more.

This is one of the best and unforgetable travel experience that I will never forget. As I waited for others to jump in, I immerse myself to the serenity of the water. Entrance fee is just 15 pesos and this is way worth it.

Siquijor: Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls is located in the town of Lazi. There is no entrance fee but the way going down the falls is well paved. We only paid for the parking of our tricycle. 

The falls is not that high but the beauty is awesome. Great to do photoshoots. Water is cool and refreshing. Luckily,  we were the only group in the place and so we've done the Tarzan swing and jumped from the top of the waterfalls. 

Siquijor: Enchanted Balete Tree and Doctor Fishes

Siquijor: Capilays Spring Park

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Red China by Superbowl

Obviously food is a haven for me. I was invited by my fellow VT friend Lara for a lunch date at Red China by Superbowl which is in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Since I'm around the area and so I decided to go. This is chinese food, how can I say no.

I was a bit late but luckily they are still there enjoying the lunch. Table is a feast of different mouth watering food. I'm hungry now.

What is in the table? Which one should I go first? I shared table with Mish. Lara, she is sitting at the next table, did sit down occasionally with me to say hello and catch up stories from our VT world. She also explained to me the dishes which are waiting to be tasted by my palate.

This is a feast of different dishes from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines. Its like going around the world in one sitting. I'm excited to taste each one of them. 

 Among the dishes we had are Diced Chicken with Salted Fish fried rice, Shrimped paste Chicken Wings, Roast Pork Belly with Mustard Sauce, Salted Duck egg coated Shrimps, Hong Kong style Spicy Shrimp and Spicy Eggplant. Oh my Diet!!!

Which dish wins? I love them all but my favorite are the Bacon wrapped shrimps and Roasted Chicken with Mala Sauce. Why? Once I munch on the Bacon wrapped shrimp, I can feel every details of the ingredients. It is so tasty and so awesome. I loved the spiciness of Roasted Chicken and goes well with the fried rice.

Of course, the best seller, the egg tart. I've tasted the tart in Macau, Hong Kong and also Lord Stow's. This is different. It has the right stuff. Its not sweet and it doesn't taste a lot of eggs.

 The place is lovely and has a spacious dining area. Great for Family and friends gathering.

The busy kitchen. It is an open kitchen and so you can see how busy they are but still maintains a clean surrounding.

I'll definitely go back. It's just an MRT away from me. Great experience. Great food :)

Bacolod Day trip: Jalandoni Museum

Bacolod Day Trip: Silay City

I have been to Bacolod for Nth time but I've never explored Silay City to see those ancestral houses and the Ruins. Flight from Manila to Bacolod is frequent and so I thought of going for just one day. I got the first flight which is 455am and arrived at Silay City Airport at 6am.

At the airport there are vans that directly goes to Bacolod City. I went out of the airport and saw tricycle. Since we were only 3 passengers, we paid P20 each to go to Silay City which is not that far from the airport. 

My first stop is at San Diego Pro-Cathedral. It is Sunday. I decided to hear mass even though I don't understand the dialect. Only some keywords.

The park is situated in front of the Cathedral. The place is clean and its ideal to sit down and relax.

Around the park you will see the City Hall, World War 2 Memorial, School and hall. 

Now it's time for breakfast. I went to El Ideal which is at Rizal Street. Of course, i tried their famous Guanapple Pie. I love it. You can feel the bits of fruits inside it. I paired it with brewed coffee which is awesome.

Next, the Silay Ancestral Houses...