Saturday, March 29, 2014

Isla de Gigantes

Touchdown Roxas Airport! We are about to see the amazing Isla de Gigantes. We are 9 coming from Roxas airport and the rest coming from Kalibo Airport.

From Roxas Airport, we rented a van going to Estancia Port which cost us 1 thousand Pesos. It is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours ride.

In Estancia Port, where we met the Kalibo Team. Me and some of us didn't have a clue how rough the waves are. From Estacia Port to Isla Gigantes North took us about 3 hours boat ride. We were so wet and cold.

We were amazed at the shells. The color is stunning that we wanted to keep it as a souvenier.

From the Port to Gigantes Hideaway Resort is a few minutes motorbike. Unluckilly, i had a minor motorbike accident. I was already seated and my friend is making his way up, the driver left the motorbike gear on and he accidentally forgot to hold on to the breaks. Brroommm... we flew offhand bumping to another motorbike. Goodjob Kuya! I got a little puncture and scratches.

At Gigantes Hideaway, they welcome us with a hot coffee which is what we need right now because we were shivering in cold. We waited for our dinner. Excited to have scallops at the "Scallops Capital of the Philippines". Then we wash up and rest. I mean they rest while we were at our second day alcohol feast.

The next day, we managed to wake up early because we are excited to go for our island hopping. After dinner, we head off to the port.

The waves are still rough. The first island is Antonia Island. We stayed here until after lunch.

Next is the Tangke Lagoon where I jumped off the cliff. Brave me!!!

We were supposedly going to the sandbar but the guide told us that the water high and so we didn't go there.

Next is the Cabugao Island. This is a picturesque island. We didn't got the chance to swim because the waves are too strong and the water is high. I see danger in taking a dip.

On our third day, we went to the north gigantes light house. It's a short bike ride and a short trek.

Then the Baquitan Cave. Nothing really nice to see inside but the adventure of going inside the cave and the obstacles are good.

Tell me what this is?

First obstacle...

Second obstacle...

I don't know the last obstacle. I guess the way after the exit is the one.

I didn't record how much time we spent to do this caving. About an hour or more... maybe.

Gigantes Hideaway Resort has a lot of rooms to offer. The staff is so helpful and accomodating. The food they serve is great except it really takes time for the food to be serve specially when they have a lot of guest. They only use generator as the electric is not yet back after the typhoon. They also have videoke bar where we spend 2 nights singing our lungs out. There are dried fishes you can bring home.
Our stay for 4 days and 3 nights cost us 1.7 Pesos each that is 3 nights stay, island hopping and full board meals. Meals composed of 3-4 viands of sea foods - crabs, lobsters, fish and scallops.

Tree house :)

Our way back to the mainland is smooth. We were dressed ready to get splash by water but we were too dry when we landed. Anyway, we prefer to be ready than sorry.

From Estancia Port to Roxas city, we passed by some interested places.

In Roxas City, we stayed at a lodging house which is near the airport. Over all damage is 3.5K

That'sthe story of  Isla for me :)