Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Korea: Hello Kitty Cafe

I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty but going to a themed cafe or restaurant for me is a bucketlist. Hello Kitty Cafe is located in Sinchon Area. After I went to Ehwa Womans University and shopping around the area, I wanted to have a cup of hot coffee because the snow was hard. I was actually looking for Hello Kitty Cafe but when I got lost, can't find my way there and gave up, tadah! I found the Cafe.

All meow!

I ordered for a coffee and a piece of cake. It was hard to drink and eat this cute stuffs.

The cafe is so cute. All Pink with all the Hello Kitty stuff toys and things. They also sell Hello Kitty goods too.

At the second floor. As you can see its just me on the floor. I think this branch is much less busier than the one in Hongdae.

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